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Weaving Identities: Recognize, Amplify, Empower

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Weaving Identities.

What you need to know

Weaving Identities is an initiative of Ujyalo Foundation to bring the stories, amplify the voices, and raise awareness about racial injustice among South Asians and Southeast Asian immigrants in the Denver area so that they can have meaningful representation and participation at both community and policy levels. 

The main objective of this initiative is to bring the stories and narratives of the communities to the forefront so they can be documented allowing the communities and individuals to share their own stories and developing a course of actions to resolve their issues. The lack of proper representation in the data set has been concerning especially when it comes to understanding, designing, and implementing community-focused programs.  Lumped in the narrative and stories of the larger AAPI population, Southeast Asians are often overshadowed by other identities limiting them to generalized interventions and solutions that often do not address their needs and wants. 

Red and White Threads
Weaving Pattern

RECOGNIZing communities through data.

Data Center

Stop AAPI Hate releases new data on hate incidents during COVID pandemic.

From mid-March 2020 to the end of March 2021, there were 6,603 hate incidents against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders reported to Stop AAPI Hate.


Reported Incidents

37.8% of reported incidents over the 12-month span took place in public streets or parks.


Reported Incidents

32.2% reported incidents over the 12-month span took place in AAPI owned businesses.


Reported Incidents

Occurred in the year 2020.


Reported Incidents

2,410 hate incidents reported to STOP AAPI HATE REPORT in 2021.

Colorful Threads

AMPLIFYing voices through actions.



Storytelling through photovoice will consist of the narratives of 40 women, girls, non-binary and queer individuals from the community. The narratives will consist of their lived experiences, challenges, life lessons, and motivations.


Intergenerational Dialogue. 

10 women are chosen to partake in our mentorship program who will mentor and coach 10  young women from the community to enhance their skills and capacity to make informed choices about their careers.


Asian Sisters

‘Asian Sisters’ will be a podcast to strengthen the voices of young women in the community and activate a space for them to be heard.


Social Media Stories.

'Social Media Stories' is created to spread awareness through social media stories. Inviting our fellow AAPI people to join in, share and experience each other's stories through our online space.

Rug Selection

EMPOWERing community through knowledge.

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